How Can You Make Your Website Compliant with ADA?

Businesses must ensure that their websites are ADA compliant as the application of technology grows. The ADA compliance act passed about 30 years ago to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities, including employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications.

Public businesses in our physical environment follow legal rules, such as designating accessible parking spots and putting higher indicators on elevator control buttons. Until today, these accessibility requirements do not get strictly enforced online. New ADA compliance requirements for web accessibility will take effect in January 2018. No business can guarantee compliance, but some actions may get implemented to protect that their websites are accessible to persons with disabilities.

Here are a few examples:

Review the Content Accessibility Guidelines for Websites (WCAG 2.0). These guidelines provide suggestions for making your website more accessible.

Using a WAVE Web Accessibility Tool, do an audit of your website. Make sure your photographs contain descriptive alt tags. Screen readers, players, and voiceovers use alt tags to describe things on a webpage to users.

Examine the styles and features of your website, such as headlines, buttons, and links. Keep in mind that your website will get accessed by “all” sorts of users, including those with impairments. If your site’s navigation uses lighter, smaller letters on bright backgrounds, certain people may misread.

When creating material, use online writing methodologies. Keeping your website content clean and conversational will make it easier for people to browse it. Breaking up material into smaller chunks or pieces may also be done with headlines and sub-headlines. Look over your website’s code. Examine the code and CSS for best practices and to ensure that any obsolete code gets removed.

With new ADA Web requirements set to take effect shortly, it’s critical to start preparing now to make your site ADA compliant. Remember that making your site ADA-compliant is a long-term project.