The UK49s teatime lottery winning numbers for 2021

Usually, the UK49s teatime results, i.e. the winning numbers are announced at 10pm GST and it is the right time to check for the UK49s teatime outcomes for a day. The lottery timing of 49s may differ at times. When the lunchtime lottery result time stays constant, then the time can changes in a teatime lottery result also. From the month of October to February, the teatime lottery can takes place at 4.49pm as well as from the month of February to October, it takes places around 5.49pm GST.

Steps to calculate the UK49s winning numbers

Actually, there is a foolproof way to calculate the UK49 winning numbers. Below are some useful tips for you to use, whenever you need to calculate your winning numbers on UK49s or any other lottery numbers you want:

Initially, you can spread your numbers. According to the studies done more than 1,000 different lottery draws including the UK49s draws, you have decided that more than 80% of jackpot as well as other greater tier lotto wins are made up of the equal extend between the low and high numbers.

You can play consistently. It may appears like declaring that clear, but a lot of lottery players have viewed their lucky numbers, which are being only drawn to have forgotten to purchase the ticket every week.

You do not play the patterns of UK49s. One of the most common strategies among the players of UK49s is simply using the patterns. Even the players can utilize such patterns such as ‘X’ or ‘M’ on a card while selecting the UK49 wins lotto numbers. This is because; such a common strategy means that, if you win, you will definitely have to split a prize with every one available that utilized a similar method.