To Know About Danganronpa Merch Amazon And Why

Every single important character in the original sport, together with Monokuma, is obtainable for buy. The picture of all the students standing collectively in a circular movement was used as a promotion to get customers to buy all of them. I don’t desire to extend your scrolling by placing an image of all of them right here; as a result of I was not able to find a group photograph of all 15 college students. As for these guys, I do not thoughts the way they give the impression of being, however contemplating how laborious they’re to find these days; I feel I am going to pass. This put-up goes out to the great companies offering superior memorabilia for us and the followers who are kind enough to share their collections with the world online.

The set for the primary two games got here out in 2014, which was adopted by the DR3 anime set in 2016. The samples pictured above are from the V3 set, which got here out in 2017. I picked these images to exhibit because I couldn’t find a full set pic of the others. As you may see from the image, each of these four figures had been released in two variants. Every quantity also had two “secret” characters accessible, which the product wouldn’t hint at the buyer getting. The primary quantity contained Makoto, Aoi, Chihiro, Sakura, Leon, Sayaka, Yasuhiro, and Dangaronpa Official Merch Monokuma. This line was created by the Takara Tomy toy firm and options Kyoko, Junko, Makoto, and Chihiro.

The more unconventional ones were referred to as an “uncommon variant,” which feature Kyoko’s well-known noodle-coated head (I want that one!), Junko making the face she did as she was about to get crushed, Makoto holding a Monokuma file, and Chihiro together with his gym bag. In a similar fashion to the thriller mini-Funko Pop figures you usually discover in stores like Target, every figure is “blind-boxed,” which means that each possible scholar has a 1 in 8 chance of being the one you bought. Although images of this set’s official promo posters do exist, I chose to make use of this image to provide you with guys a greater view of what they seem like. These weren’t the one figures to be released together with the animation, however.