3 Essential Factors of good SVG file for Cricut

Must Not Contain Clipping Path – Clipping path is common using in design software to cut a shape into different or designed shapes, you cannot see in a SVG because it is hidden element.

However, Cricut Design Space not support clipping path, when you upload a svg file to Design Space, it will raised a error message, and not allow you continue

Must Not Contain Fill Pattern – Fill patterns are pre-defined face fill colors in many design software such as: Adobe AI, it is very useful and good looking, it can use in prints, or other format bitmap images, but not supported by Cricut Design Space.

When you upload a svg contains fill pattern, Design Space will warm you and ask you continue or NOT, once you click continue, all filled color disappeared become a no fill shape. Click here for more https://jartoutlets.com/.

Next time, when you found a pretty svg file, check it is fill with pattern or not

Should a compound path graphic – Compound path graphics will combine all strokes and shapes in one, if you using a non-compound path graphic in Design Space, you will all strokes, shapes will not join together and spreads over hundreds layers, you need more steps to combine they together to make a cut