June 25, 2024
Absolute Security and Safety: Premium Security Features on iPhone 15

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 15 in early September, consistent with past launches. The rumored features are impressive, but they’re unlikely to have a significant impact on your purchase decision.

One big change would be a move to USB-C, a requirement made by EU law. But according to reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro, Apple will tie the switch to its MFi program, limiting fast charging and data transfer speeds to certified accessories.

Camera Continuous Autofocus

A few months out from its unveiling, the iPhone 15 series is generating plenty of buzz. Consistent leaks have reportedly outlined everything from the new devices’ camera credentials to their price and availability.

Despite Apple’s recent eSIM adoption in some markets, the company is expected to retain its traditional SIM tray for its iPhone 15 series. This change will likely allow the phones to support more wireless carriers.

According to TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a periscope lens system for its telephoto camera. This upgrade would boost optical zoom levels from the current 3x to 5x or even 6x. This is comparable to the level offered by Samsung’s periscope-style lenses.

Kuo also believes that the iPhone 15’s Group AF mode will feature better focus tracking. This mode allows the camera to detect multiple points of focus and evaluate them based on contrast differences, allowing it to keep track of moving subjects and capture clear, sharp images. This feature will be a welcome addition to the iPhone’s camera experience, especially for anyone that relies on the camera for work or play. This is particularly true for videographers, who need to capture iphone 15 a fast-moving subject while maintaining clarity and image stabilization.

Enhanced App Store Experience

Apple’s App Store has plenty of features to help users find and use the apps they need. However, some users might want to take their time with the process, especially if they’re looking for something specific. Apple’s iOS 15 update includes a new feature called Focus that can help with this. Focus filters notifications and apps based on what a user wants to concentrate on, like their work hours or when they’re getting ready for bed. This helps reduce distraction and makes it easier to stay on task.

Last year, Apple’s iPhone 14 line launched on September 6, with the phones going on sale over a week later on September 16. This year, Apple is likely to follow suit and host an iPhone event in early September (September 5 or 12 are both good possibilities) with the models going on sale over a week later, possibly on September 16 or 22.

There are rumors that the iPhone 15 will make the switch to USB-C from Lightning, but this would be tough for Apple to do as most people already have plenty of Lightning devices and many places like gyms and schools still don’t have enough of these newer connectors to transition over. The move to USB-C will also allow for faster wired transfers of backups and other data, as well as faster device-to-device charging speeds.

Fast Charging

The iPhone 15 is expected to switch from Lightning to USB-C, a move that’s largely due to EU regulations that want all portable devices to use the same port. Online rumors suggest Apple will still do its usual thing and limit the faster data transfer speeds to the Pro models, but at least we’ll have one less connector to get in the way.

Another new rumor suggests the iPhone 15 will finally adopt fast wireless charging. Previously, the iPhone 15’s alleged fast-charge feature could only be used with MagSafe chargers, but a report says it will also support wireless charging at up to 15W. That’s enough to give most phones a full charge in about 30 minutes, but it’ll take longer for the last 10% or so.

Other rumor details include a physical mute switch that might become an Action button, capacitive volume buttons instead of the elongated ones on the current iPhone Pro models and a slightly more rounded design. The A17 chip’s first use of the 3nm manufacturing process should bring major improvements in both speed and power efficiency, which are already evident in alleged Geekbench benchmarks. The latest iOS 17 features are also coming to the iPhone 15 this fall, including Check In that’ll let your friends know you’re arriving at your destination, Swear Jar for autocorrect and Stand By that turns your phone into a home screen while it charges.